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Movimiento’s mission is to support adolescents and young adults in navigating these increasingly complex times with agility, skill, and heart.

We are living in times of accelerated change and unknown future for our children and world. Shifts in the climate, economy, and social sphere are well underway and by indications will bring increasing challenge. Rather than responding to this instability and uncertainty through fear, we are invited to become more expansive, grounded, calm, diligent, and joyful in our lives and work, creating thriving communities and beauty. Movimiento is a collaborative offering and learning venture for young people who are looking for this kind of way forward.

The young people we work with have all experienced significant trauma, whether that be from living in a violent neighborhood, seeing friends or family members killed, growing up in refugee camps before immigrating to the US, experiencing drug and alcohol addiction in their families, or experiencing hundreds of micro-aggressions (“small” instances of racism, elitism, etc.) that over time build up into full fledged trauma.

Movimiento combines pragmatic truth with imaginative vision: that is, adults and young people work together to clearly understand and face the magnitude of climatic change and social challenges while also sourcing solutions and hope.

Movimiento holds inner and interpersonal work as essential: contemplative practices, meditation, mindfulness, listening, communication and relationship tools. By attending to our internal healing we facilitate more compassionate and effective action in the world. Movimiento has action and movement in its name, both of which we deem vital. Stillness and quiet are equally important, for they give us the ever-present opportunity to check in with our deeper knowing and guidance systems. We need these quiet places and guidance systems as we experience emotionally rich terrain, learning to sit with fear, anger, and shame and then transmute these into our offerings in the world.

When we really come into contact with the out-of-balance impact humans have had on the earth, we inevitably find ourselves in the landscape of grief and despair. Our cultural disconnection from earth and nature is painful, and we seem terrified to feel it, so we continue to run…through consumerism, numbness, screen time, workaholism, drugs, or other distractions. Many young people are feeling a resultant sense of pain, listlessness, hopelessness or anger, often without knowing where it’s coming from. Movimiento invites us into conversation with these difficult emotions, thereby freeing up the human capacity for offering great beauty, love, and creativity in the world.

Our participants shine in their transformations, intelligence, and dedication to helping humanity find its way into better relationship with earth and all beings.