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Essential Skills:

Youth, Land, & Leadership

The Essential Skills program supports youth ages 13-24 in developing skills for sustained cultural and environmental leadership in the 21st Century. Every month we offer at least one wilderness outing or cultural exchange trip, as well as an Immersion Weekend (usually part of a series) that combines self-reflection, group process, leadership skills, and community activities.

Skills & Objectives include job readiness, career and educational planning, traditional/earth skills, resiliency, self-awareness, and health & wellness skills.

We help youth learn leadership skills and achieve the above objectives through individual career/education coaching, wilderness trips, travel, farming, backpacking, crafting, and visits with visionaries and change-makers in various fields.

Past YLL locations have included Taos New Mexico, Taos Pueblo, Oakland, and Nevada City, California. YLL currently focuses on serving youth in Oakland, Nevada City and surrounding communities in the Bay Area and Sierra Foothills. YLL includes urban-rural youth exchange, where participants from the city experience the Sierra’s mountains, agriculture, and nature, and rural participants taste the vibrancy, diversity, and artistry of the city.


Outdoor Wellness Adventures:

Wilderness Therapy + Home Transition

With two licensed MFTs running Movi programs, we are now able to offer nature-based therapeutic individual and group programs for youth. The Outdoor Wellness Adventures (formerly Integrated Mental Health) program collaborates with under-represented youth to offer free ongoing experiences in nature combined with professional counseling and trauma recovery.

Skills & Objectives include increased mental and physical health, wellness skills, ease and comfort in nature, leadership skills, and sense of self-efficacy and empowerment.

Via our partner organization Crows Calling, we can also arrange custom private pay wilderness therapy options for youth. This opportunity is particularly suited for families/teens who are considering more intensive wilderness therapy, boarding school, or residential centers but who would like to explore another option first.

Contact us to design a program that is right for your teen, family, or client.

Individually-tailored program packages include:

  • Individual nature-based therapy session
  • Nature-based group therapy sessions.
  • Outdoor wilderness therapy experiences ranging in length from 3 days to 2 weeks: individual or group.
  • EMDR sessions if applicable, for trauma recovery.
  • Travel experiences with a cultural exchange or social justice focus.
  • Ongoing therapy sessions via Skype, telephone, or in person to help participants integrate their wilderness therapy experiences and/or cultural exchange trips into their everyday home lives.


Inner-World Outer-World Leadership:

IWOW Fellowship Program

Weekend-long intensives for young adults in their 20’s focusing on leadership training, conversation, and skill-sharing focused on the topics of Equity and Social Justice, Climate Change, and Inner Transformation combined with Outer Action.

Skills & Objectives: 

Capacities of self-reflection and awareness that allow individuals to sustain social and environmental work over time as well as weather the despair and fear that can overwhelm us while facing realities of climate change, racism and systemic injustice, and systems collapse.

Individual and/or collaborative plans of action for continued deepening in each fellow’s particular area(s) of work and interest.



Travel Learning + Change-Maker Visits

Adolescence is a time of great exploration, challenge, and developmental need for initiatory experience. Young people therefore usually love the idea of traveling, exploring a new and intriguing place they’ve never been before, and meeting different people, lifestyles, cultures, foods, and histories. Often these trips challenge participants’ comfort zones, whether through climate, lack of the amenities they’re used to, or group dynamics. By working through these difficulties in a supportive, loving community, young people return home transformed, with expanded senses of gratitude, connectedness, empathy, and inspiration.

Movi’s travel program is dedicated to young people who otherwise would not have the financial means or cultural support to travel. Many of our participants boarded a plane, left their home town, or saw the ocean for the first time through a Movimiento trip.

Movi has led trips to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Alaska, and many locations within the US. Move has produced 4 documentary films of its trips. Alaska Through Taos film

Steven B
My experience on the Change Maker Tour 2013 was absolutely extraordinary. There is no other program that offers such involvement within my community. It gave me a feeling of engagement and importance. I learned sophisticated information and met some exceptional people who are actually yearning for difference in this world. My amount of appreciation and gratitude for the Change Maker Tour is inexplicable, and without it, my current mindset on local and global injustice/inequality would not be what it is.


Yoga in the Hall

Movimiento has been collaborating with yoga instructor, artist, and children’s book author Simone Weit to offer weekly yoga classes to incarcerated adolescent girls. The young women are offered space in Movi’s programs following their release. In lieu of photos from Juvenile Hall, the above image is Simone teaching yoga in Movi’s yurt during a Change Maker Tour.

Additional Therapy Services

Rob and Daniela both offer individualized private therapy services for adolescents and young adults, informed by 15+ years of teaching, running schools, leading outdoor and international trips, and facilitating transformation for young people. If you are a parent or participant looking for intensive therapeutic support, visit Growing Home Counseling or Crows Calling.