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Upcoming Programs & Trips

Each month we run an Outdoor Leadership trip and an Immersion Weekend: opportunities for youth to check in with themselves and each other, learn practical skills for leadership and life, and experience the flood of positive emotions and neurotransmitters that result from moving through a challenge.

Youth are welcome to participate in one-time trips and are encouraged to engage in a progression of these trips and immersion weekends that build on each other.


October 21-22, 2016: Intro Leadership Weekend  During this overnight retreat, participants will get to visit with inspiring speakers/activists, deepen friendships within a new Movi group, and explore the questions “Why be outside and connected to nature? How does this connect to social justice? What passions and commitments bring me most alive?”

November-December, 2016: Winter Programming Break With individual support and occasional one-day trips.

January 13-15, 2017: Immersion Leadership Weekend During the 3rd retreat, youth learn health and wellness practices and address the questions, “What do I want to heal in myself? What do I want to heal in the world? How do I combine self-care with giving?”

January 28th, 2017: Day-Long Snow Excursion

February 10-12, 2017: Immersion Leadership Weekend This 4th retreat will invite and involve participants’ family members for portions of the weekend, addressing the ways family dynamics shape our patterns and behaviors and exploring the questions, “What is working well in our family and what would we like to change? How can I listen to and understand you better so as to meet who you really are? What are my own needs inside this family?”

February 25-26, 2017: Overnight Snow Hut Camping Trip

March 10-12, 2017: Immersion Weekend The final retreat in our 5-month series will bring closure, reflect on initial goals, explore career and future aspirations, and focus on the questions, “What have I learned? What do I want to do with my life?”


Recently Completed Trips: If interested in a similar outing, please inquire about future possibilities.

March, 2016: Central Coast Kayaking

May, 2016: Bristlecones & Buttermilks

June, 2016: Yosemite with Obama

August, 2016: Grouse Ridge Late Summer Backpacking

September, 2016: Yosemite Autumn Bliss