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Our mission is to support adolescents, young adults, and families in navigating complex times with agility, skill, and heart.

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Movimiento gave me a voice and set the foundation for what I want to do for the future.

Andrea Blue Arm

Upcoming Programs & Trips

Posted by Gregory Geiger on Jan 13, 2014

Unfortunately all of our wilderness outing programming is on hold during the pandemic, due to the health and safety challenges inherent in groups riding for long stretches of time together in vans. We are trying to offset this disappoinment and gap in services with individual home/farm-stays and both teletherapy and individual socially-distanced outdoor counseling sessions. Each year we run monthly Outdoor Leadership trips and Immersion Weekends: opportunities for youth to check in with themselves and each other, learn practical skills for leadership and life, and experience the flood of positive emotions and neurotransmitters that result from moving through a challenge. Youth are welcome to participate in one-time trips and are encouraged to engage in a progression of these trips and immersion weekends that build on each other.   Upcoming: March 29th-31st: Escuela Popular snow trip to Donner Pass Spring and Summer 2019: multiple outdoor therapeutic adventures: contact us for dates and details Summer 2019: Preparation group-cohesion-building outdoor trip for upcoming NZ trip Dec 2019 – Jan 2020: Cultural exchange trip to New Zealand   Other Recent Trips: If interested in a similar outing, please inquire about future possibilities. Central Coast Kayaking Bristlecones & Buttermilks Yosemite with Obama Grouse Ridge Late Summer Backpacking Yosemite Autumn Bliss Grouse Ridge Snowy Early Summer Trek 5 Lakes Basin Backpacking Grouse Ridge Boys’...

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Outdoor Mental Health

Posted by Gregory Geiger on Jan 13, 2014

With two licensed therapists and, now, Associate MFT interns, Movimiento is integrating mental health with our other outdoor, cultural exchange, leadership, and travel offerings. During the pandemic, all our mental health offerings are via teletherapy, as well as occasional individual outdoor-based sessions at a social distance. Movimiento’s Integrated Mental Health program synthesizes outdoor-based learning and cultural exchange experiences with mental health. There are expensive, effective wilderness therapy programs to which parents can send their struggling youth for a month or longer, but there are few programs that offer youth ongoing experiences in nature and community combined with professional counseling and trauma recovery—all while integrating their outdoor, cultural exchange, and therapeutic experiences into their everyday home lives with the support of licensed therapists. Participants come from Bay Area, Sacramento, and Sierra Foothills communities and can engage in both individual and group experiences. Participants master wellness, leadership, mindfulness, and self-awareness skills through connection to nature. Trauma processing resources available include EMDR and Brainspotting, with therapists trained and certified in these modalities, with nature and wilderness as the overarching healing landscape. There is extensive research demonstrating the effectiveness of eco-therapy and wilderness therapy, as well as the therapeutic benefits of farming/gardening. We aim to work explicitly with this healing power of nature, synthesizing the benefits of time spent outdoors with the benefits of counseling, trauma recovery, and therapeutic...

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Partner Programs

Posted by Gregory Geiger on Jan 13, 2014

We are honored to be able to fiscally sponsor and collaborate with two incredible leaders and their respective projects. Please check out their work!   Dr. Crystallee Crain, founder and curator of Prevention at the Intersections Kuwa Jasiri, founder and director of Authentic Creations...

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What We Do

Leadership. Health. Transformation.


Movimiento’s programs all focus on supporting teens, young adults, and families in understanding, exploring, healing, and bettering their world, communities, and selves.

Movimiento’s diverse programs all focus on supporting teens and young adults in understanding, exploring, healing, and bettering their world, communities, and selves. Whether farming and preserving vegetables, painting murals in Oakland, practicing yoga, tanning deer hides and making moccasins, telling biographies while firing micaceous clay bowls in the fire, backpacking in the High Sierra, or visiting with amazing people who are leaders in their fields, Movimiento participants find themselves learning and transforming in ways that will long serve them in their lives and world.

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