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We value serving youth in depth, over time, through repeat experiences in nature and community, believing that this longterm, intensive, responsive relationship-building is what yields the most profound and lasting change. Research shows that the number one predictor of resilience in young people is the presence (in their lives over time) of at least one non-parental caring adult.

Movimiento has served more than 370 young people through in-depth yearly programs since 2004. Of these, more than 70 have participated in multiple programs over multiple years. Movi has taken 33 young people on international service-learning trips, with 97% receiving full travel scholarships and the remaining 3% receiving partial scholarships. Of these long-term participants, 24% are Native American, 30% Latino, 33% Caucasian, 3% Asian, and 10% African American.


Movi has produced 4 documentary films of its trips, including Alaska Through Taos.

Nowadays, we’ve lost our roots. Not very many people are out in their backyard or their fields growing food trying to help their families get through the winter. Movi brought our roots back to home. We started getting a handle on who we were and what really mattered in life: it wasn’t just about doing something to fit in or doing something to belong. It was about doing something to make the world better—to make a difference.
Participating in Movimiento made me feel just a whole lot better, like 100% better than the way I was feeling before. I was not confident and was kind of anti-social, pretty well-kept in my own comfortable zone. But once I became a part of something and I felt good about myself I was able to step out and begin public speaking and do things I never thought I could do before.