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Outdoor Mental Health

Jasmine at lake

With two licensed therapists and, now, Associate MFT interns, Movimiento is integrating mental health with our other outdoor, cultural exchange, leadership, and travel offerings. During the pandemic, all our mental health offerings are via teletherapy, as well as occasional individual outdoor-based sessions at a social distance.

Movimiento’s Integrated Mental Health program synthesizes outdoor-based learning and cultural exchange experiences with mental health. There are expensive, effective wilderness therapy programs to which parents can send their struggling youth for a month or longer, but there are few programs that offer youth ongoing experiences in nature and community combined with professional counseling and trauma recovery—all while integrating their outdoor, cultural exchange, and therapeutic experiences into their everyday home lives with the support of licensed therapists.

Participants come from Bay Area, Sacramento, and Sierra Foothills communities and can engage in both individual and group experiences. Participants master wellness, leadership, mindfulness, and self-awareness skills through connection to nature. Trauma processing resources available include EMDR and Brainspotting, with therapists trained and certified in these modalities, with nature and wilderness as the overarching healing landscape. There is extensive research demonstrating the effectiveness of eco-therapy and wilderness therapy, as well as the therapeutic benefits of farming/gardening. We aim to work explicitly with this healing power of nature, synthesizing the benefits of time spent outdoors with the benefits of counseling, trauma recovery, and therapeutic work.