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Star Barn Farm

For 10 years we have incubated the idea of Star Barn Farm, a land-based learning and healing place to ground Movimiento’s programs. The video above and book below outline the complete vision…but as things go with the quixotic nature of how visions want to express themselves, combined with California land prices and overpopulation, we have found ourselves in a different, sweet, humble, and unexpected expression of this vision, for now. After putting in several offers on the dream land but eventually giving up in the face of massive arsenic/mining contamination, we bought a 5 acre property in 2019 and have been working hard to sprout a small and love-mighty homestead to serve as a place of refuge, solace, and retreat in the face of the pandemic, offering homestays and individual getaways for Movi alumni, staff, teachers, partners, board members, and families seeking respite from crowded urban lockdown realities.

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The original e-book (or contact us us for a print version):

Star Barn Book Cover